When spray washing is insufficient, or regulations prevent its use, ultrasonic cleaning is the only alternative.

With ultrasonic cleaning, all contaminants are removed from every surface, even the smallest microscopic cavities. This process reduces the risk of uncleaned parts and eliminates the need for tedious final manual cleaning, with a dramatic reduction of labour costs.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to standard cleaning methods.

Why use ultrasonic cleaning?

  • Because it guarantees thorough, high-quality cleaning
  • Because there are no parts too complicated
  • Because it does not use solvents
  • Because it is maintenance-free with low operating costs

General operation

Ultrasonic washing is based on the generation of high-frequency waves (vibration) inside a tank containing water and detergent.

The oscillating power supplied by the generator is transferred by sonotrodes to the washing liquid, in which strong alternating pressure creates microscopic bubbles that disintegrate the dirt.

The ultrasonic wave propagation creates a cleaning action at a molecular level and eliminates exposure of the operator to potentially hazardous chemicals.