Just imagine if you no longer needed to waste time manually washing components, so that you could invest it into more productive activities. That's what our spray washing units can do for you! Let them take care of the dirty work for you, as they already do in so many industrial applications around the world. These simple, effective solutions are designed to optimise your washing tasks while also improving your staff's working conditions.


  • Safe for washing equipment operators
  • Saves time which you can invest in more higher level activities
  • Produces excellent results faster than before
  • Inexpensive, with low running costs

General operation

Once the pieces have been loaded in the machine, the washing fluid in the internal tank is pumped into circulation and sprayed at high pressure through numerous nozzles. The liquid forcefully strikes the surfaces to be cleaned, exerting a mechanical action which, together with the chemical action of the product, removes the dirt and regenerates the contaminated pieces or components. At the end of the cycle, the cleaned pieces are ready for extraction and the exhausted washing fluid is collected again and can be sent to a special treatment system for reuse, thereby minimising the operational costs of the system.