We design and manufacture systems that improve productivity and work conditions on any production line. Thanks to the experience we have acquired in a wide variety of sectors, we can quickly identify the most suitable solution for all types of industrial production: solvent distillers and washing units that use the most modern technologies, constructed in full compliance with current safety and environmental protection regulations.

Suitable for multiple applications – from small-scale workshops to heavy industry, and from multinationals to printing works – our systems create significant economic savings which inevitably also results in a reduction in waste products and tons of exhausted solvents reused instead of disposed of as waste. With great benefits for the environment and, consequently, for us all.



Solvent distillers

Drastically reduce costs for the purchase of new washing solvent and the disposal of exhausted solvent. Manage your resources intelligently with our multiple recovery solutions, which are safe, highly customisable and all plug & play.

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Spray washing units

Simple and effective washing solutions to optimise cleaning processes and improve the working conditions of operators in industrial contexts of every type and size. Modular and with no commissioning costs, they easily integrate into existing production lines to ensure a uniform cleaning quality that is perfectly replicable, cycle after cycle.

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Ultrasonic washing units

Deep, flawless cleaning in one single washing cycle. Ultrasound washing has the power to remove the most stubborn contaminants but is gentle enough not to damage the components being cleaned. It penetrates the smallest crevices, which are difficult to reach with other cleaning methods.

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