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Demands for top-quality, short delivery times and small order sizes require a high level of production scheduling, along with the best trained personnel. To do this, IST offers its customers not only innovative and powerful machinery and equipment, but also service that goes well beyond simple repair work. Service, spare parts, diagnostics, express parts delivery, and training for machine operators and maintenance personnel have long been the key words for IST Service. In today's market, reacting quickly is no longer enough. In order to ensure long-term productivity, the IST range of services also includes retrofit/upgrade packages, inspection/audit contracts for preventive maintenance, recommended spare parts lists, and even consulting services ranging from quality improvement to the optimization of the production environment. To make sure help gets to our customers quickly, our company has affiliates all around the globe, making us a powerful and reliable partner.

Field Service

A high level of machine availability is of vital importance to the commercial efficiency of any production. This means that mistakes, errors and machine defects must be identified and cleared as quickly as possible. It is not always necessary to wait for a technician to arrive and fix the problem on site. In many cases customers can rely on our specialized Technical Team to assist in troubleshooting either by phone or by email, at no cost for the customer.

Preventive Maintenance

IST Service offers inspection contracts for preventive maintenance, which is the basis for a high level of availability of your machines.

Upgrade and Retrofit

If your machine or equipment is getting on in years and you would like to avoid downtime or simply wish to increase productivity, call us to discuss your situation.

Well trained staff – a requirement for increased productivity

Economy and profitability in all kind of production are influenced by a number of different factors. One important aspect, though frequently neglected, is the constant qualification of operators and maintenance staff, since they are the key to enhanced performance of the equipment as well as superior quality of production.

This is the reason why IST always suggest to customers to do an insight training with our skilled technicians.

Experience has shown that well-trained staff is, by the same token, motivated staff, and the advantages of training do obviously speak for themselves:

  • Better knowledge of the equipment and associated technology
  • Reaching full production performance faster
  • Increased skill of the operating staff
  • Higher effective up time of the equipment
  • Better quality of product
  • Less scrap production