Imagine not having to devote any more time to manual cleaning and being finally able to invest in higher-value activities strictly related to your production. Let our machines take care of the dirty work.

Why opt for an automatic washing system?

  • Because operator safety comes before all else
  • Because you gain time to devote to other tasks
  • Because you obtain excellent and faster results
  • Because you obtain excellent and faster results

General operation

After loading the parts, the washing liquid is taken from the tank inside the machine and circulated by a pump, through various types of nozzles, striking the surfaces with force. The mechanical action of the spray, combined with the chemical action of the product, removes dirt and restores contaminated parts. At the end of the cycle, the liquid is collected once more in the internal tank and the parts can be removed.

The washing product can be sent to a special treatment system for reuse, to minimize operating costs.